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Sushi N Joy, Bellevue

Lunch Around Town: Sushi N Joy

By Stephanie Shea

The Eastside is filled with little known places to eat and every few months one or two ENN members find one that appeals and suggest it for lunch get togethers. This gives anyone who is interested a chance to explore new places while meeting new people and/or joining old friends. If you are a tad nervous about showing up somewhere and not knowing anyone, don’t be. There will almost always be someone you have met at an ENN function before and soon everyone is chatting away like old friends. At least this was my experience. The first time I had a chance to join the group was this November when the group met at Sushi N Joy on Bellevue Way and imagine my surprise to find that Sushi N Joy turned out to be the unassuming place 2 doors down from the hair salon I have been going to for the past 20 years.


The outside may be unassuming but inside, the food is delicious and the service and atmosphere were wonderful. It was nice to have a chance to sit and enjoy a good gossip and wrestle with chop sticks in the company of friends. I did just fine with the gossip department but, I am afraid, I shall never master the chop sticks, despite several step by step demonstrations. In any case, thanks to Judith Gellert and Lorene Sheppard for or orchestrating this lunch. We shall getting together again in January at a different spot so stay tuned to find out when and where.



Recalling our deceased Founding Mother Lorene Sheppard at this lunchon, Stephanie wrote, "At one of our luncheons, she tried to teach me to use chopsticks, but I was a dismal failure. She told me I ought to stick to forks."