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A fond farewell * August 27, 2020
We mourn the loss of our dear friend, member, neighbor, teacher, mentor, Catherine McIntyre.
She played Bridge daily until her final days, and slipped away quietly surrounded by her loving family.

ENN Bridge Group Members have kindly shared remembrances of this very special woman. Her obituary is online at  - comments are welcome.

Catherine taught not only bridge, but she modeled how to live life enjoying, doing, and savoring the good things. She also seemed to cull what was not worth spending time and energy from her life.  Catherine showed how to face her mortality with grace, candor, and humor. Her life view affected me profoundly. Knowing Catherine for the last few years and sharing her enjoyment of life has been a wonderful experience. Her legacy of bridge and friendship lives on in my heart.   Dianne D.


Catherine was such a wonderful bridge teacher to us all for the last few years.. She was warm, caring and we all became like family.  I hardly know what to say, only that she was greatly loved by us all and will be very much missed. Jacqueline M.


I miss the spunky, never-quit attitude. Miss taking nuts to her house, which would magically turn into chocolate chip cookies the next day, Miss the shared stories about years-ago Albuquerque, and surely miss that famous bridge lesson, Tthere’s no sin in going down” (which I practice religiously). She became a really good friend in the short time we knew her and will be sorely missed by all. Bill H.



Twas not so very long ago

A group of six we came to be.

A friendship did begin to grow,

Amongst a he and several she’s.

A neighborhood network

Is how it began.

With Catherine the leader.

The head of the clan.

Each week at one we all did meet,

At a house that was run by Mary.

The cast included a guy named Bill

But no Tom, Dick or Harry.


Jackie, Diane and Sandi,

Were all a part of the cast.

We had no beer we had no tea,

But surely we did have a blast!


Bridge we played and it was real,

Taught by Kay oh yes we did.

We learned to shuffle and to deal.

How to answer and how to bid.

She is so patient and so smart,

She loves the game as we can see.

We love the game but we love her,

No finer lady could there be.


Things have changed and now we play,

In our homes and every day.

One big boy and five old dames.

So deal the cards ... on with the games!

Mary G.