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October - Senior Property Tax Relief - New eligibility rules | Memory Loss & Aging - Resources | Getting around Bellevue without Driving | and more...

August/September - Remembering Lorene | Be a More Active Participant in Your Own Health Care | Master Gardener Pat Roome: Planting Bulbs for Spring Blooms | Coming this Fall: Memory Loss, Property Tax Relief Update9

July   Nutrition Talk | Bird Sanctuary Walk | Summer Watering Tips from Pat Roome | Sr. Property Tax Exemption Follow-up | Quick Newsletter Survey | Use Your Superpowers!

June   Gardening for Seniors | Avoid a Nursing Home | Property Tax Relief | Use Your Superpowers!

May - Estate Planning Talk | Tech Help | Planting Tips | Walking Update | 2nd Monday Coffee 

April - Prevent Falls | Grow Tomatoes | Walk with Us | Join us for Coffee!

March - Emergency Prep follow-up| ENN @ SeniorTech, Meditation Group and more

February -  2019 Preview | Emergency preparedness | A red dragon | A member responds to changing circumstances

January - 2019 Theme: A holistic approach to well-being  |  Mindfulness; Recognition Tea  | Lunch about Town | Garden d'Lights

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